At Bexley Seabury, I will learn new and innovative ways to preside in a church without walls. I will foster a sense of curiosity, wonder, and presence. I will grow even deeper roots by enhancing my discipleship. These things will lead me, through ministry, to bear fruit which will transform the world.


Our work is to meet each other, to be in relationship with each other, to listen to each other. What can we do in our own lives to truly see each other? To see where each other are hungry? To see where each other are hurting? To see where each other needs help? To see each other as being of equal worth to our self?  To see each other in our full humanity?


During this Advent, as you prepare your homes and trees and gifts and cookies, also prepare your hearts. Make yourself ready. Jesus is going to be born. Keep awake because Jesus is going to change our lives and our world again.