In the Old Testament reading we learn of Moses setting up the tabernacle. The text is filled with lots of detail of the construction and how things were put into place. What items were necessary and where they found their homes. All of these things in order to create a context which was right for …


Sometimes we are the cause of our own joy or pain, and sometimes we are not. If we follow Jesus’ ways, study his teachings, look to Jesus as the perfecter of our faith – we will come to understand that our pain and sorrow should not cause us to lose heart or grow weary. God took on human form as Jesus. In doing so God shows us that God knows what it is like to feel joy and happiness and also pain and sorrow.


In our Gospel reading today Nathanael asks: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” I imagine him asking this kind of flippantly. He already believes that nothing good can come from such a place. I, for one, know exactly how it feels to have already made my mind up. Like Nathanael I have at certain …


“Jesus said, beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen my them for them you have no reward from [God] in heaven.” In this statement, I hear all of these things and more: Beware of posting too many selfies. Beware of bragging about your latest adventure. Beware of complaining about your …


In our Gospel this morning it is like Jesus already knows what our answer might be to the question, “What is a kingdom like?” His parable responds to the prompt. Jesus tells us, God’s kingdom cannot be bound by what we deem a kingdom on earth.