God will not use you in ways that you do not permit. God wants you and God created you in God’s image, autonomy and all. God calls us into relationship that is filled with mutual respect. God desires to fill your heart with love. God made you, God knows you, God believes you.


How do men under constant supervision obtain illegal drugs? Most likely the drugs are smuggled in by the prison employees tasked with their care. How is it possible for inmates to alter their state to the point of death without anyone noticing? The obvious answer is neglect. Why does an intervention come only at the point of removing a dead body from the cell? This is our reality because we live in a state that values retribution over restoration.


We know that here, in the midst of the difficult lessons and obscurity, there is meaning and value. Jesus’ teachings offer us truth that is loving, liberating, and life-giving. This sort of truth, the words of eternal life, while powerful is not simple or easy. If it was, well, we wouldn’t need to be here.


We don’t have to be all things to all people. You don’t have to try to be the foot and the hand and the eye and the ear all of the time. We all have God given gifts. Sometimes we are called to be the eyes to notice where the world around us needs healing. Sometimes we are the feet and are called to go to where our gifts can be put to use. Sometimes we are a listening ear or a helping hand or a mouth speaking the truth in love. Yet, this is always true: “Christ has no body now on earth but yours.” You will always be the body, so go forth and live in love.


Amrita, for a while, talked about wanting to be a dragon – flying above our heads and destroying evil. Her imagination was limitless. This curiosity and creativity was a part of her spirit even when she was having a difficult time. Every day that I spent with her was filled with wonder and laughter. Amrita, our dragon, breathes the fire of passion into our hearts and inspires us in the way she was inspired to imagine the world into being a better place.