In the Old Testament reading we learn of Moses setting up the tabernacle. The text is filled with lots of detail of the construction and how things were put into place. What items were necessary and where they found their homes. All of these things in order to create a context which was right for worshipping God.

If you have ever served on an altar guild or attempted to plan a liturgy in the Episcopal Church you know that, like Moses, there is a lot of setting up and putting things in order involved. Those who serve put time and intention into creating a space that invites encounter with the divine.

These holy spaces need not be reserved for churches, chapels, and tabernacles. With the same care and intention, we can create holy spaces in our homes and offices. Do you have a home altar – a space that you’ve set up for yourself to invite daily encounters with the divine? Creating a physical space for prayer in your personal life leads to creating temporal space as well.

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