This morning many of you are likely preparing for a thanksgiving meal. Perhaps you rose early to begin preparing complicated dishes. Or maybe you couldn’t sleep last night as you prepared yourself mentally to spend time with difficult family members. You might already be on the road to the place where you will join others for dinner. Or it could be you are still in bed because you have no one where to go and no one to eat with.

Thanksgiving Day drops us right into the midst of the holiday season, for some this time of year is joyous and others painful. In our Gospel reading today the disciples ask Jesus “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He responds, those who are humble like children. This passage, on this holiday, causes me to meditate on the wonder that little children bring to holiday’s.

Today, and throughout the holiday season, we are invited to become like a child. In the midst of chaos Jesus calls us to be filled with wonder and to be humble. Here, being humble does not mean being quiet or submissive as the word is sometimes used. The root word humus means ground. So, to be humble is to be grounded – as in stable, realistic, and sensible. Maintaining humility in the whirl of the holiday season is a challenge. One which is worthy of being taken on.

No matter how you are spending the day, take a moment to pause. Become like a child, Be humble. Be filled with wonder.

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